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Redundancy or business efficiency cover

If you lose your job because of redundancy or business efficiency, you may be entitled to receiving unreduced pension benefits.

To qualify, you must

  • be aged between 55 to 75
  • have 2 years of continuous membership in the LGPS 

Any additional pension paid for by Additional Pension Contributions (APCs), Additional Regular Contributions (ARCs) or Shared Cost APCs would be paid at a reduced rate if the retirement occurred before your Normal Pension Age (to take account of the additional pension being paid for longer).

We are unable to provide members with a redundancy quotation, this must go through your employer.

If you wanted to find out how much your pension benefits are, log on to My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window) and view Your Current Pension. This will give you an estimated idea of what to expect with an unreduced pension benefit.

Exit Cap Regulations

On Wednesday 4 November 2020 the Restriction of Public Sector Exit Payment Regulations 2020 came into force, however in February 2021 the key clauses were withdrawn by HM Treasury due to them being deemed to have "...unintended consequences".

We anticipate that there may be some replacement restrictions later in 2021 or into 2022 which may impact the information about redundancies but we are unable any further details at this time.

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