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50/50 Option

The LGPS has two sections: a main section and a 50/50 option. When you first join the scheme you are automatically put in the main section where you pay standard contributions and build up standard benefits. It is only once you are a member of the main section of the scheme that you are able to elect in writing to move to the 50/50 option if you wish.

The 50:50 option of the Scheme works on the basis that members pay half their contributions and in exchange the annual pension built up will be halved (with some exceptions)

This is designed to help members stay in the scheme, building up valuable pensions benefits during times of financial hardship. 

Benefits of the 50/50 Option

  • You pay in half your pension contributions and build up half your pension
  • Whilst in the 50/50 option a full death grant lump sum, which is 3 times your pay, is still payable if you die in service
  • There is no impact on the value of any pension for your spouse, civil partner, eligible cohabiting partner or eligible children
  • You can opt in and out of the 50/50 option whenever you need to and as many times as you wish
  • If you are retired on ill health at any age, you remain entitled to full ill health enhancement if applicable.

How do I apply?

Download the Election to join the 50/50 section (PDF) [165KB] (opens new window) and send this to your Payroll department.

Can I remain in the 50/50 option?

You will be re-enrolled back into the Main section of the scheme automatically when your employer's re-enrolment window occurs (this happens every three years, and sometimes sooner). Check with your employer when the re-enrolment window occurs, as you will need to re-elect back in if you would like to remain in the 50/50 option.

Alternatively, you can elect to rejoin the main scheme by downloading the  Election to rejoin the main scheme (PDF) [152KB] (opens new window)  and send this to your Payroll department.

How can I find out how much annual pension I am building up?

Go to Your Current Pension section when logged in to My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window), you will be able to see how much annual pension you have built up in the 50/50 option.

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