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Combining previous LGPS pension

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In the LGPS you will typically have a separate pension account for each employment you have.

If you leave employment and then re-join the LGPS (or continue in the LGPS in another employment) you need to decide what to do with the pension benefits you have previously built up.

Aggregation in the LGPS

Aggregation is the term used to describe the process of combining your previous LGPS pension rights, from pension funds in England and Wales, to your pension account that you are actively contributing towards.

If you have previous LGPS pension in a Scotland or Northern Ireland fund, this will be treated as a Club Transfer and further information can be found in the Transferring previous non-LGPS pension section. 

What happens to previous LGPS pension

Broadly speaking, if you left the LGPS:

  • on or after 1 April 2014: your records will automatically be combined unless you make an election to keep them separate
  • before 1 April 2014: your records will remain separate unless you make an election to combine them

What to consider

The implications of combining your benefits and the action you need to take varies depending on when you left the LGPS and whether you have had a continuous break in active membership of a public service pension scheme of more than 5 years.

See further details on Aggregation - what to consider.

Please also refer to the Aggregation table to find out which section you fall under and what it means to combine your pension records.

What action is required

If you are comfortable that you have identified the section(s) applicable to you from the Aggregation table, and you are happy with the default options, then there is no further action that you need to take.

If you opted out of the scheme on or after 11 April 2015 with an entitlement to a deferred benefit you cannot combine this with your new active pension account. Instead, you will have two separate sets of pension benefits in the scheme.

If you are not happy with the default options or would like some more information before making a decision, complete and return the Aggregation – Expression of Interest Form (PDF) [204KB] (opens new window)

How long does it take to combine pension records?

This process may take some time (especially if your previous membership is with another local authority) but if you have any queries please contact us.

Be assured that any delay in combining your records will not be detrimental to your pension.

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