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Transferring previous non-LGPS pension

Public service pension (excluding LGPS)

There are 2 types of public service pension transfers; known as a Club or Non-Club transfer.

Club Transfers

The Club is a network of public sector pension schemes which have agreed to pay and receive transfers on the same basis. This means the transfer will provide membership credits of roughly equal lengths when you transfer between them. 

Public Service Transfer Club pension schemes

  • civil servants
  • the armed forces
  • teachers
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • fire and rescue workers
  • the police force
  • the judiciary
  • the LGPS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you transfer in a pension which is either partly or wholly calculated on a final salary basis, the final salary link will continue within your new employment as long as you don't have a gap of 5 years between periods of public service. 

Non-Club Transfers

  • after a year of joining Wiltshire Pension Fund (if your employer allows it)
  • if there is a gap of 5 years between the time you joined Wiltshire Pension Fund and left the previous public service pension scheme

This basis is less favorable, and unlike for the above, the final salary link will be lost as the transfer in will buy an amount of annual pension rather than amount of pensionable service.

However, the value of the transferred in annual pension amount will be revalued each year in line with inflation

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