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Activating your account

You can easily activate your account by clicking on the activation button and following the instructions below

Activate your My Wiltshire Pension Account (opens new window)

Entering your Activation Key

Enter your Surname, NI Number and Date of Birth together with your personal Activation Key

When adding your Date of Birth please use the calendar button 

Please note - your Activation Key is case sensitive

Activate Your Account

Setting up your Passwords

  • Enter your email address (we recommend using a personal email address). Do not copy and paste your email address.
  • Set up a password and password hint

Your password must :

-          be more than 8 characters but fewer than 12 characters in length

-          include a number and at least one upper and one lower-case letter

-          include a special character from the list below


  • Choose two security questions and fill in the answers

Please ensure that all fields have been approved with a tick before completing your registration.

New Password

Logging in to your Account

Once you have activated your account you should click on the 'Login to My Pension Online' box

You will need to enter

  • your email address
  • the password you have set up

You will then be asked one of your security questions and asked to agree to the data protection consent statement on your first visit to the site

Please see our videos for help with Activating Your Account

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