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Information for Financial Advisors

If your Independent Financial Advisor has asked for your LGPS pension value, refer to the following information for consideration

Please note it is Wiltshire Pension Fund's Data Protection policy not to send any personal information from members' records to third parties.

Any information requested by Independent Financial Advisors can be provided by the member via their online account on My Wiltshire Pension Portal. If members have any issues accessing their account please contact us so we can help. 

About the Scheme

  • the LGPS is a Statutory, Defined Benefit Scheme 
  • governed by the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013, the Local Government Pension Scheme (Transitional Provisions, Savings and Amendment) Regulations 2014 and relevant earlier regulations
  • the scheme was formerly contracted out of the State Additional Pension and is a member of the public sector transfer club

Members are entitled to make one free guaranteed CETV request from the LGPS administering authority in any 12 month period and, if they wish to go ahead with a transfer, the election to proceed must be made at least 12 months before their Normal Pension Age (NPA) in the LGPS or, if they are a Pension Credit member, at least 12 months before their NPA.

The Wiltshire Pension Fund is only able to make Cash Equivalent Transfer Value payments when we are satisfied that a transfer has met the Pensions Regulators' Guidance.

If a member is already in receipt of a pension from another period of membership with the LGPS, section 93 of the Pensions Schemes Act 1993 does not allow a CETV to be paid in respect of another period of membership. In addition, members can only transfer benefits from the LGPS if they've left the scheme and haven't already drawn benefits from the LGPS (either in their current employment or any earlier employment).

We will only send a guaranteed transfer value when we receive a formal application from the member. A member may do this by logging into their My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window) account. This can also provide the member with a non-guaranteed estimated CETV and allow access to their historic Annual Benefit Statements. Discharge forms will only be provided with the guaranteed CETV. Members are also able to provide retirement projections. We will not be able to provide information about a member without a current written authorisation from the member and a copy of all correspondence will always go to the member

The LGPS is a statutory scheme; changes to the scheme can only be made through legislation laid down by Government. The scheme was contracted out of the earnings related part of the state scheme until 5 April 2016 and re-values GMP at the full rate. The following shows the scheme basis, accrual rates and NPA for each set of regulations with a link to the full regulations.

BasisEffectiveAccrualNPAEarliest retirement without reduction
Final Salary1 April 1988Pension 1/80th; Lump sum 3/80thsBetween age 60 and 65 when notional membership amounts to 25 yearsOver age 60 plus 25 years membership
Final Salary

1 April 1999

Pension 1/80th; Lump sum 3/80ths65Over age 60 when age and membership together adds up to 85 or more
Final Salary

1 April 2008

Pension 1/80th; Lump sum 3/80ths65Over age 60 when age and membership together adds up to 85 or more if in scheme before 1 December 2006, otherwise age 65

CARE (but see below)

1 April 20141/49th of Actual Pensionable Pay per yearEqual to new State Pension Age65 unless has transitional protection if a member before 1 April 2014

Anyone who was a member on 31 March 2014 and remained a member on 1 April 2014 will have transferred to the CARE Scheme. These members retain a final salary link for their pre-1 April 2014 membership. The final salary used is the final pay at date of leaving the scheme. Final pay is the average pay based over a year rather than actual rate of pay on leaving and means the best in the last three years of working.

Anyone joining the scheme from 1 April 2014 joins the current scheme. The earliest retirement date for a member to retire voluntarily is age 55 but an early retirement reduction will apply. 

Please note the transfer commutation factors are set by the Government Actuary's Department. They are subject to change.

The scheme is funded by employer and member contributions as well as investments. 

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