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I would like a pension estimate

Requesting an estimate

Check how much LGPS pension you could receive

  • use the Your Retirement Projection tool when you are logged in to My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window)
  • you can choose any date between your 55th and 75th birthday
  • calculations are generated using your latest salary information that has been provided by your employer
  • use the lump sum conversion slider to see how much annual pension you could give up for a tax free lump sum

Log in to My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window)

Remember: My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window) can run your calculation instantly.

Alternatively, if you are planning on taking your pension soon and you want to check your pension figures before you hand in your notice, you should complete the Pension estimate online form.

If you complete a form, it can take up to 15 working days to send the estimate, after receiving the completed form by your employer (if needed).

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