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How do I request to take my pension?

Deciding on when to retire

This is a personal choice and you will have the option to retire at any age from 55, if you have been contributing into the scheme for more than 2 years.

To see how much annual pension you could receive at a certain age, use the Your Retirement Projection on My Wiltshire Pension (opens new window).  

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My Wiltshire Pension > Your Retirement Projection (opens new window)

Please note;

  • The calculations on My Wiltshire Pension will be an estimate and do not take into account annual increases in line with inflation
  • Your take home pay might be different in the future, which will affect your annual pension
  • The projections include reductions or enhancements based on the the 85 year rule if it is applicable to you

The retirement process

Once you have decided on the date that you would like to retire, you will then need to request taking your pension benefits.

Currently paying in as an active member

You must request to take retirement through your employer. They will then write to Wiltshire Pension Fund  (WPF), usually one month prior to  your retirement date providing the relevant forms and pay details. 

If you have an additional deferred record, you will have the option to take all pension benefits at the same time or you can request to take them separately, the option will be included in your retirement pack. 

Deferred members, who have stopped paying into the LGPS

You must notify Wiltshire Pension Fund that you would like to take your pension benefits.

In order for us process your pension into payment we must receive

  • Completed forms from your employer
  • if you have AVC's we will contact your AVC provider(s) to request payment and wait for this to arrive 

Once all the above has been received we can start to process your retirement and a retirement pack will be sent to you within 5 working days.

Please note there will be a delay in processing your pension, and in sending out your retirement pack if the above is not received or we need to query the information provided by your employer. 


Receiving your pension

When you receive your retirement pack, it will include a number of forms to complete and return to Wiltshire Pension Fund.

Delays to your pension payments may occur if we do not receive the required information from you. Remeber to read your retirement pack thoroughly and ensure that the forms have been completed and returned.

Pension payments may not occur on the same month that you submitted the forms due to the payroll cycle. We recommend that you leave plenty of notice in returning your forms to avoid delays to your pension payments.

What happens after you return your completed retirement forms?

  • monthly pension payment will be made to your nominated bank account at the next payroll cycle
  • if you have a lump sum, this will be paid within 15 working days in receipt of your retirement form
  • your pay date is the 25th of each month (or the last working day beforehand, if it falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday)

Go to our dedicated pensioners section for more information on pension payments, tax, accessing payslips, news and pensioner benefits.

Pensioners section

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